SHA International Ratings Center on the eve of May 9 included in the World Heritage List of sites of spiritual IRC two new object.


The monument "The children of Lidice" in the Czech Republic, Prague. Monument-ensemble "To Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" at Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd. Russia.


In June 1942, the village of Lidice in Czechoslovakia was wiped off the face of the earth by the Nazis. Villagers accused of hiding the Czechoslovak patriots assassinated tread Czechoslovak Republic R. Heydrich. All males over 16 years old were killed, women and children were sent to concentration camps. The Germans crossed the name "Lidice" from the list of settlements Strany.Posle war on the spot settlement was founded a museum, and a number of newly built locality of the same name.
Lidice - symbol of uncompromising struggle against fascism.

The monument "The children of Lidice" - 82 bronze sculptures: 40 boys and 42 girls. Sculptor Marie Yuchitilova (Maria Uhitilova).

Under the guidance of sculptor EV Vucetic at Mamayev Kurgan monument-ensemble "To Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" (1959-1967).
From Tribulation area begins the ascent to the top of the mound to the bottom of the main monument - "The Motherland Calls!". Along the serpentine, in the hill, reburied the remains of 34,505 soldiers.
Sculpture "The Motherland Calls!" Is the compositional center of the ensemble. This is - a woman holding a sword in his hand, which is in the position to call the fight. The height of the statue of 85 meters with a sword and 52 meters without a sword.