SHA International Ratings Center include into the list of of the object 2 in the Black Book.


January 13, 2015 General representative of the International Center for the Rating SHA (SHA IRC) two objects in the Black Book was made in Russia and the CIS (the list of objects of the spiritual heritage of mankind requires urgent measures in connection with the destruction and loss).
  • Belfry Nikitskaya Church, located in the village Riverlands-Fish - a magnificent five-tiered porechenskaya bell tower, built in the late XVIII century peasant self-taught AS Kozlov. The bell tower has a height of 94 m and more than Moscow's famous bell tower of Ivan the Terrible, being one of the tallest steeples Russia. It is in a dilapidated condition and require urgent restoration.
  • Storage warehouse Izhevsk Arms Plant (Udmurtia, Zavyalovsky district,. Minnows) is the subject of the Russian Federation cultural heritage. Currently warehouse almost half destroyed.